Kubuntu 6.10 Report (Positive)

Irena & Richard Jenkins richard.jenkins at internode.on.net
Fri Nov 10 02:52:44 UTC 2006

Just to balance the reports from people with troubles, I want to report that 
this installation (from the cdrom version) went smoothly ... and has assumed 
the role of desktop in my shack.  My machine is not state-of-the-art ... 
being a 1.3 MHz pentium with a 40 gig hard drive, a 64 meg video card, 256 
Meg of RAM ... and its own cd-writer (52 speed).  For extras I have a USB 
scanner ... and a set of amplified speakers plus a HP 5L printer on the 
parallel port.  

Everything has worked from the outset ... requiring very little fiddling ... 

I have downloaded additional software using automatix2 ... and a couple of 
amateur radio programs.  For personal preference I replaced OpenOffice with 
Koffice.  My screen is a Samsung brand LCD ... which gives me a handy 1024 by 
768 by 24 colours.  

I have downloaded a couple of updates using Adept ... with success.

Now if I could remove KWallet without taking the desktop ... I'd be really 
happy.  This beast sits behind a firewall on my router ... and I am prepared 
to put a software firewall on it as well.  I am the only user ... so 
KWallet's nagging is a pest and an abomination ...!

I am very pleased with 6.10!!


My other desktop is a **slower** iMac (350 MHz) ... and the ppc version of 
6.10 was working smoothly there too!  It's just a bit too slow writing disks 
at 4x on the USB writer!  The usb to parallel interface works the 5L printer 
there too!

Irena and Richard Jenkins
Canberra,  AUSTRALIA

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