Adept Help - Where is it?

Tchize tchize at
Wed Nov 8 12:43:40 UTC 2006

Kevin Luxford a écrit :
> I am using Dapper Drake 6.06 desktop.  I want to compile some programs. 
>   I need the build-essential package.  I followed the Kubuntu guide for 
> adding multiverse to universe in source.list.  Hit the Apply button 
> followed by Close.  Then tried to update.  Screen opened up, informed me 
> that it was downloading headers, and there it stopped.  
How did it stop? Before downloading any headers? Did you get a blank
screen or get back to the package installation page?
Anyway, type this in a console (Kde menu -> System -> Konsole)

sudo apt-get update

What does it outputs?
> No progress, no 
> blinking lights on ADSL modem.
> Now for the frustrating part.  Hit F1 for help in Adept.  Not a sausage. 
Perhaps adept is a vegetarian
>   Tried to access the help document on the website.  Nothing there. 
> Could somebody please straighten out this newbie.
> Thanks
> Kevo

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