Edgy Alternate i386 duplicate inode

Kevin Luxford kevinluxford at bigfoot.com
Wed Nov 8 18:33:58 UTC 2006

I downloaded the .iso file and burned a CDROM for Kubuntu Edgy Eft 
alternate.  Computer is Intel pentium, ASUS board, two x 120 GB SATA 
drives, no IDE drives, 15 GB linux partition in sdb3, 512 MB swap 
partition in sdb2, 98 GB ntfs partition in sdb1.  It all installed OK. 
Removed CDROM and booted Kubuntu. all OK. Shutdown machine then when 
Kubuntu booted again got fsck duplicate inode.  Re-formated swap and 
linux partitions and re-installed. NO problems. Booted Linux from disk 
OK.  Shut down and rebooted linux.  Same nasty occurred again.

Reformatted linux and swap partitions and installed dapper drake 6.06 
desktop and have had no problems on re-booting.

I have not used a distro of Linux for about five years, so am not sure 
how to capture and record the fsck error messages.

Anyone else had this problem?


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