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Wed Nov 8 00:52:40 UTC 2006

Alle 23:19, martedì 7 novembre 2006, D. R. Evans ha scritto:
> Is it just me, or does desktop search basically suck in Kubuntu?
> I have been using Kerry for a while. Or, rather, trying to use it.
> There doesn't seem to be anything to configure, so if I have it
> misconfigured somehow, it's not obvious how to make it work better.
> Maybe there's a better tool?

A new tool of this kind is "strigi", you can find it in the repos. It's the 
new project of the former developer of kat.
It's way faster than beagle/kerry (it's written in c instead of mono), but 
it's in very early stage of development.
Also, version 0.3.8 (in repos) seems to have a bug that causes massive cpu 

Another interesting project is "tracker", but it seems Gnome-oriented: I can't 
find a gui for kde...

More info:

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