/mnt not shown in KDE apps

Janne Vänttinen janne.vanttinen at cs.helsinki.fi
Sun Nov 5 12:14:25 UTC 2006


I just installed Edgy and now there is a bit of a problem with shown
filesystems. It seems that Edgy tries to hide root filesystem from users
as best as it can and only shows /home and /media in file selectors, at
least in Amarok and Digikam. The problem is that I have partitions in my
second hard disk mounted in /mnt and it would be very nice to be able to
use them, since they contain for example my music collection and photo

So I am able to access them all right, but is there any way to configure
the standard kde apps to show /mnt with the other places so I could for
example build my music collection without some awkward workaround like
adding a symbolic link from /home/user/music to /mnt/music, which would
have the additional harm of rendering my old playlists unusable?

- Janne

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