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Sun Nov 5 04:35:51 UTC 2006

On 11/4/06, Earl Violet <ejviolet at> wrote:
> --- SteVe Cook <yorvik.ubunto at> wrote:
> > Earl Violet wrote:
> > > No experience with DVDs but I found CDs seem to work better on my
> > > machine if burned at a lower speed.
> > >
> > One problem I had was that some iso images would work OK and others
> > not,
> > notably Ubuntu ones, I was using some older 650MB CDs and the
> > images
> > that failed were all 680-700+MB.  They all passed mdsum tests and
> > similar, but when installing from them random read errors appeared.
> Come to think of it, when I ran the check on Ubuntu and Kubuntu 6.06
> It showed something bad on each of them (I don't remember the exact
> error) but they both ran as live CDs and installed OK. They were from
> Ubuntu and not downloads. The check showed ok for Xubuntu which I
> downloaded and burned. No explanation, just fact.
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Nothing surprising there.   Most machines (and media) when run at maximum
are more likely to fail.  I have a new multiformat nec dvd burner that will
burn my 16x TY media at 16 x.  I usually use 8 or 12 x so as to leave a
margin of safty.
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