newbie---is this normal?

Earl Violet ejviolet at
Sat Nov 4 05:45:59 UTC 2006

--- SteVe Cook <yorvik.ubunto at> wrote:

> Earl Violet wrote:
> > No experience with DVDs but I found CDs seem to work better on my
> > machine if burned at a lower speed.
> > 
> One problem I had was that some iso images would work OK and others
> not, 
> notably Ubuntu ones, I was using some older 650MB CDs and the
> images 
> that failed were all 680-700+MB.  They all passed mdsum tests and 
> similar, but when installing from them random read errors appeared.
Come to think of it, when I ran the check on Ubuntu and Kubuntu 6.06
It showed something bad on each of them (I don't remember the exact
error) but they both ran as live CDs and installed OK. They were from
Ubuntu and not downloads. The check showed ok for Xubuntu which I
downloaded and burned. No explanation, just fact.

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