connect two computers for file sharing

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Sat Nov 4 19:36:19 UTC 2006


Choose a network for you locally administrated network (not public 
internet IPs)
One valid range could be:
Means you can assign IPs from to
You can't assign IP (this is not valid, '0' terminated means 
network) and (this one is for the "broadcast".
Choose: and
The network mask is in this case for all computers in your 
Install openssh-server and openssh-client packages in both computers
Then, using konqueror, type the url: sftp://yourusername@ or 

Additional networking can be achieved using SAMBA (Microsoft file 
sharing) and NFS (traditional Unix Network File System, has security 

Hope it helps.

Donatas G. escribió:
> How do I connect two computers for file transfer under kubuntu dapper? 
> They both have lan cards and I can connect them using a lan cable, but after 
> that - I am lost :)
> First I guess I have to assign both computers manual IPs, and then? What 
> packages should I install to make full use of the KDE built in file sharing 
> (I mean, the System settings module Sharing > file sharing and the options 
> that become available upon selecting Properties of a directory in a konqueror 
> window... Is there a howto about this anywhere?

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