anyone can help me ?!!!

konrad kwaskiewicz konrad.kwaskiewicz at
Fri Nov 3 14:34:09 UTC 2006

 I did killall kdm
 (I supposed everything will be back after reboot)
 and after that I've restarted my Kubunt many times
 but my well configured Desktop looks
 and works like disaster
 Desktop is bigger than screen
 and kde menu don't have
 anything[ANYTHING!!!!!!!!] to change this situation
 (menu is different than before)
 and there's no adept (it disappeared)
 konqueror the same
I just killed some processes but kde behaves like I erased
or uninstalled some programs that I didn't
 when I try to start them in konsole[terminal]
 kde don't see it (command not found)

 killall kdm shouldn't erase the programs
 so why this does not work?
 what happend

 when I try Desktop Preferences there is just a txt: empty page

 [all this happened when I wanted to remove and install again
 sound stuff
 but my adept said kdm is running and it can't process further
 so I did killall kdm:(]

 is this possible to recover from this...?
 some auto backup files that can restore prevoius situation
 I use Dapper Drake Kubuntu

 please help!!!
I don't want to install everything agin...
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