new kernel, what did I miss?

Kaj Haulrich kaj at
Thu Nov 2 18:39:08 UTC 2006

On Thursday 02 November 2006 19:24, H.J.Bathoorn wrote:
> On Thu, 2 Nov 2006 18:50:58 +0100
> Kaj Haulrich <kaj at> wrote:
> > Is this a change just for the merit of change, or is there some
> > kind of logic to it ? -  So far it reminds me of that silly
> > Windows c:, d: e: etc...  making it hard to find what's where ?
> Hallo Kaj,
>   We meet again. ;-)
> Good to find you still kicking, makes me feel right at home here.
> :-)
> Well on a side note it does make it harder to botch things up.
> I've had some issues deleting a partition so as to enlarge the
> one next to it. That would then get the partitions reordered and
> renamed botching my fstab.
> In some unlucky cases I'd only discover that when rebooting,
> requiring a reboot into a liveCD or comparable to be able to edit
> lilo/grub and '/etc/fstab'.
> Take care that '/boot/grub/menu.lst' i.e. grub in Edgy uses these
> uuidl's too. They can simply be changed back to /dev/hdaN et all
> when needed. I found out the hard way. :-P

Thanks Harm, it's always hard for oldies to get used to changes in 
really fundamental stuff like this.... 

And:  really nice to meet you again....(and I see quite a few from 
the 'old guard' here as well   :-)  )

Kaj Haulrich.
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