Michel D'HOOGE michel.dhooge at
Fri May 12 12:06:18 BST 2006


I am always impressed by the overwhelming number of options in all KDE
applications... and here, with ark, this is the first time I can't do what I
want! :-(

The ark plugin in konqueror offers to compress with tar.gz by default and I
can't find where to change this to something else. I know the other choices
of compression are not that far away (just a submenu away to be precise) but
I wonder whether this is possible.

I also noted that ark isn't usable with the smb:/ KIO. It displays a
progression box but I was never patient enough to have it finished the job.
On the other hand, ark is quite fast if I try with the same folder mounted
through smbmount/smb4K. So the problem is really between ark and kio.

I have another funny (?) somewhat related problem: I find the tar:/zip: KIO
very useful because you can browse an archive containing thousands of small
HTML files (for instance a reference manual) without the need to unzip it.
But in konqueror, when you click on a tar file, it opens ark and I can't
find how to change this. Any idea?

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