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Frank Arnold franka at svpal.org
Sat Mar 11 06:55:26 GMT 2006

Try gFTP. Adept probably has it.
It is a GUI program rather similar to
the Windows WSFTP. I use it frequently.
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Frank Arnold
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On Sat, 2006-03-11 at 00:25 -0600, DonDashGuitar wrote:
> I've seen so many real problems go through this list for the last couple of
> weeks that I'm almost embarrassed to bother you with my minor newbie
> problems.
> I've had Kubuntu on a 1.7 GHz HP Pavilion for about three weeks now and,
> like pretty much every new Linux user, I'm trying to learn how to do
> everything on the Linux box that I've always done in Windows.
> I'm really having fun with it too; I had no idea just how good Linux had
> become...  Wow!
> I had no problems with the install and I was even able to find, download and
> install a tabbed text editor (Eddi) to "pinch hit" for NoteTab.
> The problem I'm having now is finding my FTP client.
> Adept says that "FTP" is installed but it doesn't appear in the Kmenu and
> I've been unable to find it with Konqueror.  I know there's a "find" feature
> in the Konsole but "find FTP" was a bust.
> I started on an Apple II+ and have used DOS machines so the command line
> doesn't frighten me too badly but I'd still much prefer applications that
> open a window wherein I can work.
> How do I turn on FTP?
> I'm used to Filezilla , is FTP going to be a good choice for me or is there
> an app listed in Adept that I'd like better?
> Thanking you in advance,
> Don Crowder
> http://www.don-guitar.com

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