Personal Frustrations (Dapper)

Luka Renko 74.luka at
Wed Mar 8 23:41:21 GMT 2006

On 3/9/06, Jonathan Jesse <jjesse at> wrote:
> I am running dapper with the latest updates and have a couple of
> frustrations:
> 1.  It appears that Katapult is no longer launching at login and i need to
> manually start it.  How do I restore this setting?

It is working on my system, but it may be that it is started by "restore
session" (my fresh install was done the day Flight4 was released).

2.  I am using a laptop that has the various function keys for volume (fn+)
> but they are not working for raising/lower the volume or muting things.

Did you try different keyboard layouts (this works on my HP nw8240)?
Did they work before and they do not now (regression)?

3.  Kate no longer allows me to open multiple instances of it open.  How do
> I
> fix that?

I really like the new default (thanks to Tonio), but I do not know how this
can be changed back to old behaviour. You should probably ask Tonio.

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