Personal Frustrations (Dapper)

Jonathan Jesse jjesse at
Thu Mar 9 12:52:38 GMT 2006

On Wednesday 08 March 2006 18:41, Luka Renko wrote:
> On 3/9/06, Jonathan Jesse <jjesse at> wrote:
> > I am running dapper with the latest updates and have a couple of
> > frustrations:
> >
> > 1.  It appears that Katapult is no longer launching at login and i need
> > to manually start it.  How do I restore this setting?
> It is working on my system, but it may be that it is started by "restore
> session" (my fresh install was done the day Flight4 was released).
> 2.  I am using a laptop that has the various function keys for volume (fn+)
> > but they are not working for raising/lower the volume or muting things.
> Did you try different keyboard layouts (this works on my HP nw8240)?
> Did they work before and they do not now (regression)?
> 3.  Kate no longer allows me to open multiple instances of it open.  How do
> > I
> > fix that?
> I really like the new default (thanks to Tonio), but I do not know how this
> can be changed back to old behaviour. You should probably ask Tonio.
> Regards,
> Luka

Hmm I liked the "old" way a lot better, the same for konsole with the tabs at 
the bottom, i much prefer the tabs to be at the top.  I guess I'll have to 
start customizing things, I liked how things looked straight out of the box.

I have selected for keyboard layout for the Dell Insipron 8xxx ( I have a 
latitude D810)

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