Oddity in printing PDF & Postscript

Wafa Hakim wafa at email.arizona.edu
Fri Mar 3 18:35:59 GMT 2006

Hi all,

Ok this is a weird problem, & I haven't found anything by googling or 
searching forums.

I'm connected to a network printer at school, an HP 4100 Laserjet. It's 
the only printer I have access to, so the only one I've tested on. My 
machine is a Toshiba Satellite A45 notebook.

Recently, I had to format my partition containing root & reinstall 
Kubuntu Breezy from scratch. I also upgraded to KDE 3.5. Ever since the 
reinstall (& not before that!), I've had a weird problem -- regular 
text in PDF files prints fine, but all graphics, & all PDFs generated 
from Postscript or Latex print in a sort of "negative" form -- the 
colors are inverted. White lines & text on a black background, instead 
of black text & lines on plain white. 

I tried updating the HP PPD definition files, installing ghostscript, 
the general PPD libraries, & the psutils package, all with no luck. 

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? I'm at my wits end, & this is 
especially annoying given the amount of PDF & Postscript printing I do 
as part of a normal day's work. Hate taking files to a Windows machine 
in the lab just to print them.

Thanks in advance,

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