GL Screensavers Disabled??

Dave Vincenty dave at
Tue Jun 6 22:17:19 BST 2006

Jacob Rideout wrote:
> Did you also install rss-glx? 

I know I have that installed.  That package, rss-glx, is Terry Welsh's
"Really Slick Screensavers" collection.  The problem seems to come from
a conflict between KDE's screen saver program and Jamie Zawinski's
XScreenSavers program, which comes with the cows and all that good
stuff. However, it does seem to include "Lattice", which is the
doughnuts thing I was talking about earlier.  (Terry Walsh spells it
right too.)

Here's the documentation for XScreenSaver:

Somewhere down the page is a list of instructions for replacing KDE's
screen savers with his.  Unfortunately, replacing kdesktop_lock like
Zawinski suggests doesn't really change what happens when you hit the
"Lock Session" button in Kubuntu.  I do, however, seem to have my old
XScreenSaver stuff like I had it in Gnome.  I also took the liberty of
adding a shortcut to "xscreensaver-demo" in the KDE menu.

Even more unfortunately, xscreensaver-demo says I don't have some of the
screen savers I used to have.

I'm still confused as to what's going on.  The last version of Kubuntu
let me use all the XScreenSavers I wanted to.  What went wrong?

~~~ dave ~~~
Suddenly obsessed with screen savers.

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