Backup script

Oscar Carlsson monotux at
Tue Jun 6 14:12:07 BST 2006

Is it necessary that you write the script yourself?
I use backupninja for some minor backups on a server, and it works without any 
problems and the configuration was pretty easy.

But if you want to do it yourself, take a look at the man page for find ("man 
find") for some basic actions.


tisdag 06 juni 2006 14:57 skrev Dotan Cohen:
> I've been looking for a backup solution for my Kubuntu box, and I'm
> not really happy with any software that I see. So I'm trying to find a
> variant of "cp" that would just copy everything in /home/user/ that
> has been changed in the past X days to /home/user/backup including
> hidden files. I would then just burn ~/backup to a CD-R. I can't get a
> handle on the syntax, though. How is this done?
> Note, a link to a bash tutorial that covers this would be nice, too.
> I've several bookmarked, but I'm not very successful with them.
> Thanks.
> Dotan Cohen
> 74

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