GL Screensavers Disabled??

Nigel Ridley nigel at
Tue Jun 6 05:15:41 BST 2006

Dave Vincenty wrote:
> This is my first post to the Kubuntu mailing list.
> I've recently upgraded to Dapper Drake and I love it.  It seems like the
> Ubuntu project finally did KDE the right way and everything is so nice
> and lovely now.
> Except for one thing.
> I first noticed I don't have a screen saver anymore and that freaked me
> out.  It's not a big deal, you see, but I really love my Bouncing Cow...
> which, for whatever reason, is not on the list anymore.  Neither is
> BSOD, Phosphorous, or any of the other screen savers I really liked before.


> I personally find it very offensive that someone would show such
> disrespect for cows as to refuse to share in the joy of such a majestic
> creature bouncing up and down on a trampoline.   But that's not my point.
> How do I get the old screen savers back in KDE?  I still have the
> "xscreensaver-gl" package, but i don't see any of my old favorites in
> KDE's list.
> Thanks in advance.
> ~~~ dave ~~~
> Just really likes cows.

Now that you mention it, where are the Matrix screen savers?





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