Samba help, please!

Art Alexion art.alexion at
Sun Jul 30 00:59:06 UTC 2006

On Saturday 29 July 2006 18:20, Robert T. Yu wrote:
> I have a dual boot Windows-Kubuntu machine and a
> Windows-only machine on a wired LAN. Recently, I've
> been trying to link some of my files from Kubuntu to
> the Windows machine. The idea is to keep sharing the
> files as though I am in Windows mode.
> I have a Home directory which works, but the other
> two: My Documents (my Windows documents) and
> Download(also from my Windows drive) says that these
> two are not accessible.
> I tried to use kcontrol, file sharing from the System
> menu, but to no avail.

Is your problem with viewing these files or just saving to the windows drive?  
Are you running XP?
Can you see the windows shares using smb:/windows_machine/windows_share?

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