WPA in kubuntu

marc gmane at auxbuss.com
Wed Jul 26 08:00:04 UTC 2006

Jonathan Byrne said...

> The rest of this is kind of a tangent, so if you're not interested, this
> would be a good time to stop reading. Unless, of course, you're a
> developer involved with implementing wireless in (K)ubuntu, in which
> case you really ought to keep reading :-)
> Honestly, setting up the wireless network is something that belongs in
> the *installer* not something a person should have to google about and
> set up from the command line.
> The installer should ask a few simple questions like "Do you use a
> wireless network?" "B or G?" "Security: WEP, WPA, none" and get
> that taken care of at the outset so that you can use wireless
> immediately. It should be able to grab the initial updates over
> wireless.  As more and more people go over to wireless-only networks,
> this is going to become a larger and larger issue. People are going to
> expect this functionality out of the box. Heck, I'm an old hand and a
> command-line lover whose favorite text editor is vi, and *I* even expect
> it out of the box. Wireless is something so central to many home and
> even office environments today that it should Just Work in (K)ubuntu.

You're spot on. I recently install Dapper on to a laptop and if I hadn't 
known my way around the /etc/network/interfaces, ifconfig and iwconfig, 
I've no idea how long things would have taken to setup correctly.

This, and making shares available easily - I know how, but... - are 
things I think should be sorted pronto.

On which note, is there a "list" somewhere where these kind of points 
are kept and prioritised? Simplifying "getting going" for home users is 
one thing, for business users - where resistance is often greater - is 
another; the two have a lot of overlap, of course. 


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