WPA in kubuntu

Jonathan Byrne jonathan at yamame.org
Wed Jul 26 01:29:46 UTC 2006

On Tuesday 25 July 2006 17:21, Derek Broughton wrote:

> successfully.  However, I don't use WPA, but despite Jonathan's post
> I've seen many people say it does work with WPA and clearly when I do
> connect it _checks_ for WPA. --

You know what, I probably meant to say kwifimanager there, which 
definitely has no WPA support in it. Even if it did, I'd still greatly 
prefer a wireless mechanism that wasn't dependent on KDE, but that came 
up at boot time regardless of whether I was in KDE or not. What I found 
with using kwifimanager on a WEP network is that until I had actually 
logged into KDE, it didn't bring the wireless interface up. I'm sure 
I'm not the only one who finds that to be a nonstarter.

A wifi manager should definitely have a GUI frontend, but it should not 
be dependent on that frontend to work.



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