good CD ripper for Kubuntu...

Art Alexion art.alexion at
Mon Jul 17 14:47:22 UTC 2006

On Friday 14 July 2006 12:39, Ron wrote:
> > 192kbps is *far* from cd quality.  CD quality, when losslessly compressed
> > like flac is in the ballpark of 650kbps to 900kbps.  Hard drive space is
> > cheap, why not just rip to flac?

HD cheap = yes
IDE slots spare = no

I have a 200 GB drive just for music and it is getting full.  I have no more 
slots for another HD even though I have a spare sitting around.

> >
> > As for the quality, `man lame` then use that info to set the quality for
> > mp3 encoding in KAudioCreator's encoder->configure dialog.

> My bad.  I would love to use flac or ogg, but I need to rip the CD's for an
> mp3 player and this particular player only supports mp3 and wma that I am
> aware of.

Same here.  Also, I don't have my computer hooked up to a good stereo with 
good speakers.  With audio, as with most things, the "chain is only as strong 
as the weakest link" and there is no point is pumping studio quality sound 
through my little computer speakers.

So, I burn flac to lossless CDA to play on superior systems, and convert the 
flacs on the HD to mp3 to load on my ipod and to accommodate a balance 
between disc space and the computer sound system.  

If I need lossless again, I can rip the CD that I burnt.


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