good CD ripper for Kubuntu...

Mark A. Taff marktaff at
Fri Jul 14 17:42:08 UTC 2006

On Friday 14 July 2006 09:39, Ron wrote:
> My bad.  I would love to use flac or ogg, but I need to rip the CD's for an
> mp3 player and this particular player only supports mp3 and wma that I am
> aware of.
> Thanks for the help,
> Ron


If you have the disk space, I suggest you rip & encode everything to flac.  
From flac, you can easily make mp3 or ogg versions to suit your future needs.  
This way, you only have to rip once.

To go from flac to ogg use oggiy & goggify.

To go from flac to mp3, there are instructions and a script to do so at



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