good CD ripper for Kubuntu...

Ron ron_lisa1130 at
Fri Jul 14 16:39:54 UTC 2006

On Friday 14 July 2006 12:17 am, Mark A. Taff wrote:
> On Thursday 13 July 2006 20:06, Ron wrote:
> > For some reason, I just had problems ripping that one CD.  I went into
> > windows and ripped it fine.  Everything else has been ripping great in
> > KDE. Perhaps someone could tell me how to change the ripping quality for
> > mp3's in KAudioCreator?  I have looked all over for a place to do it to
> > no avail. It seems to rip in 192, which is nearly CD quality, but I would
> > like to play around with the quality a bit.  Thanks for the help.
> Please don't top-post--it makes life difficult for us.  Thanks.

Sorry :(

> 192kbps is *far* from cd quality.  CD quality, when losslessly compressed
> like flac is in the ballpark of 650kbps to 900kbps.  Hard drive space is
> cheap, why not just rip to flac?
> As for the quality, `man lame` then use that info to set the quality for
> mp3 encoding in KAudioCreator's encoder->configure dialog.
> HTH,
> Mark

My bad.  I would love to use flac or ogg, but I need to rip the CD's for an 
mp3 player and this particular player only supports mp3 and wma that I am 
aware of.

Thanks for the help,


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