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Ylan Segal ylan.segal at
Thu Jul 13 17:09:31 UTC 2006

MLA wrote:
> On Thursday 13 July 2006 08:48, Ylan Segal wrote:
>>1.- Startup commands.
>>How do I execute a command every time I start my KDE session? In gnome,
>>you can add it in System>Preferences>Sessions>Startup Programs. I tried
>>looking around the System Settings in KDE but couldn't find it.
>     KDE has a special Autostart directory: ~/.kde/Autostart
>     To use it, open Konqueror and go to this directory, then right-click -> 
> Create New -> Link to Application. The "Application" tab is where you fill in 
> the command you want executed on start-up.
>     :Peter

Thanks Peter. That should do the trick!


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