Compiling C in KDE

Jordi Ferrando jferrando at
Mon Jul 10 19:09:49 UTC 2006

If you use qt, this is simple. Go to and you have 
good examples.
I use qt/kdevelop using qmake configuration files, and it is not that 
straight-forward, but just some time to get used. For me, it is a good 
solution, though not perfect but the result is great.

El Monday, 10 de July de 2006 20:26, Dotan Cohen escribió:
> Is there no C IDE in KDE that allows one to quickly write up a "Hello,
> World!" program, and then compile and run it?
> I'm learning C at the university, and there we have a choice of IDE's.
> My favorite is Bloodshed's dev-cpp, but they all have the same
> feature: You type in something like:
> # include <stdio.h>
> int main () {
>     printf("\nHellow, world!\n");
>     return 0;
> }
> And then the user can hit F9 (or shift-F9, or CTRL-F9, depending on
> program), and the IDE compiles and runs the code in a window. I'm
> looking for something similar for KDE, I've tried Kdevelop, Eclipe,
> and Ajunta. Please tell me that I'm missing something, and that this
> is not as difficult as it seems!
> I've another day to turn in my C homework. I've either got to get this
> working in the next hour or so, or I've got to go to the university
> and punch out this assignment on a windows machine. And I'd rather do
> it at home, on Kubuntu, thank you!
> Dotan Cohen

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