CUPS printing problem

golfer golfbuf at
Mon Jul 3 21:58:36 UTC 2006

On 7/3/06, Marcus <lists at> wrote:
> I just installed Dapper a few days ago and I'm very pleased with Kubuntu
> :-) (I used to use standard Debian, or Knoppix.)
> The only problem is with printing. According to "ps -e" cupsd is
> running, but KDE printing shoes a dialog saying the CUPS server is not
> running. I've no idea what to do about this one.

Try opening konsole and entering:

sudo /etc/init.d/cupsys status

If it reports it's down, use

sudo /etc/init.d/cupsys start

to start it.  It should be started on boot up.  If it's not working
correctly, try reinstalling:

sudo apt-get --reinstall install cupsys


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