Kwallet not cooperating with Kmail

Andreas Ruppen andreas.ruppen at
Sun Jul 2 21:01:54 UTC 2006

> How can I re-enter the passwords into Kwallet? I don't know how they
> disappeared, and I don't know why there is no check-mark for me to
> save the passwords with on the popup dialog.

I repost the message that is posted 2 days ago in a similar thread on this
If not all of your accounts are present you can add an account by
left-clicking on "Password" and select "Add new entry"

Then you do a 
rua at matrix:~$ less .kde/share/config/kmailrc
and search for the account that does not save its password. Each account has
a field named Id. The value of this fiel will be the name for the new
kwallet-entry. Once the entry created you can click on the entry and then
add a value (the password). Save all, restart kmail and it should working.

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