Problems with torrents in Kubuntu.

Tez binary_y2k2 at
Sun Jul 2 04:52:43 UTC 2006

Rod Lovett wrote:
> Kubuntu 32 6.06 LTS is a fine distro,
> and uses my preference by far in desktops, democracy still at Ubuntu
> and hopefully, some equivalence in funding?
> Still the GUI root login lack of democracy  though, but easily fixed
> in KDE, but not Gnome.
> I have upgraded to KDE 3.53
> Torrent problems:
> 1)installed Ktorrent has, despite configuration, snub problems
> persist, as it appears not to upload whilst downloading, and then
> after a while only is accepted by Ktorrent peers, ignored by the rest,
> a very slow downloading indeed.
> 2) Azureus installs and gives an icon, appears to start but
> disappears, both after apt-get and package manager installs.
> 3)Bittorrent installs, but gives no icon, and won't run as root or
> 'run' commands.
> In Mepis, based on the rather solid engineering of Kubuntu, Azureus
> works fine.
> Knoppix debian based, works fine with Azureus too.
> Some sort of package or kernel bugs I suppose?
> Best
> Rod
Well, it could be some firewall problem? how do you connect to the internet?
I recently downloaded a torrent so it's not a dapper problem.

About Azureus, I've had some trouble with azureus from the repos too,
but when I downloaded from the azureus website an ran it form my home
dir it runs fine.


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