Installing fierefox 1.5 in Kubuntu 6.06

Matthew Kuiken matt.kuiken at
Sat Jul 1 07:21:41 UTC 2006

Art Alexion wrote:
> On Sunday 18 June 2006 17:33, Matthew Kuiken wrote:
>> Firefox is in the repositories.  You can install it using the
>> package manager, either through apt, as the previous poster recommended,
>> using Adept which is KDE's graphical package manager, or by using
>> Synaptic, which is Gnome's graphical package manager.  Installing it
>> through one of these methods is going to yield a lot less headaches than
>> trying to use the tarball from firefox's web site.
> Actually, not only did I have a lot of luck installing it Erico's way, I would 
> recommend it.
> I extracted the archive using ark as a regular user to ~/temp.  Then I moved 
> the resultant ~/temp/firefox directory to /opt/firefox without changing 
> permissions.  Then I created a link to /opt/firefox/firefox 
> in /usr/local/bin.  the Ubuntu firefox package is run as 'mozilla-firefox' so 
> there shouldn't be a conflict.  If there is, just rename the Ubuntu 1.0.2 
> link to the executable in /usr/bin to mozilla-firefox.
> By doing it this way, I can use the extension manager.  Have up to date 
> extensions without waiting for Ubuntu Security to repackage them.  Use the 
> auto-updater which keeps my firefox and extension up to date every time I 
> launch the program.

Are you still using 5.10?  I ask because the firefox package in 6.06 
does not use mozilla-firefox anymore.  If you are using a 5.10 system, I 
agree with your install entirely. 

On 6.06, it makes much more sense to install from the repos.  I also use 
the extension manager directly.  Extensions are not part of the Ubuntu 
packaging system, so the updates to extensions are not done through 
Ubuntu security.  The extensions are also contained in your home 
directory, so are able to be updated by firefox.  Since the executable 
is in the /usr tree, it is not able to be updated by a normal user, thus 
firefox cannot update itself unless it is run as root - not a good 
idea...  The package manager handles those updates well.


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