how to disable media:/ feature?

Derek Broughton news at
Mon Jan 30 20:40:43 GMT 2006

Claudia Ringwald wrote:

> Am Montag, 30. Januar 2006 14:16 schrieb Donatas G.:
>> I would guess a problem like this would be on a priority list for KDE
>> 3.5.1 bugfix release, which is to come soon, so perhaps I have just a
>> few days to wait for the solution. However, I am impatient to know, if
>> there is any progress on it...
> I have 3.5.1 installed (it is already in the repositories - just take a
> look at BUT I have still a (my) problem with meda:/
> I have a floppy shown there - and clicking on it mounts the inserted
> floppy - but then the displayed folder (media:/fd0) shows nothing. The
> floppy ist mounted to /media/floppy0 - but this folder does not exist in
> media. 

It's hard to say if it's correct without knowing what your floppy device is
like, but folders won't exist until the corresponding /dev node is created
- ie, if you don't have a permanently attached floppy drive you won't
always have a folder in /media.

Do you have an entry for the floppy in /etc/fstab?  If so, I'd remove it...

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