how to disable media:/ feature?

Donatas G. dgvirtual at
Mon Jan 30 06:01:05 GMT 2006

I would like to disable the media:/ thing on my Kubuntu Breezy, KDE 3.5. 

What do I have to do as to not see that media:/ thing anywhere on my desktop? 

What packages to uninstall? what files to edit? would I loose the media 
autodetection, that came with KDE 3.5, or the standard Kubuntu media 
automounting along with it?

I wrote about my problems with media:/ and displaying floppy before:

Another problem is that, e.g., when using Kaffeine, you cannot play files on 
it if you open the file through media:/ .

That annoyes me, and since I would like to configure the desktop so that my 
wife could switch to Kubuntu from Windows, I would like to disable the media 
feature altogether.

Donatas Glodenis

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