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John DeCarlo wrote:

> On 1/25/06, *Art Alexion* <art.alexion at
> <mailto:art.alexion at>> wrote:
>     So now, if shutdown is taking way too long, as it occasionally has
>     started to take, I have no idea what step it is choking on so that
>     I can
>     fix it.
>     Is this the new normal for Kubuntu or a problem with my
>     system?  If its
>     the new normal, is there a way to restore the old shutdown
>     behavior?  If
>     it is my system, any ideas how I can fix it?
> I don't think it is normal. 
> I have had the graphical startup since I switched to Kubuntu a month
> or two ago.
> When I shut down, I get a graphical shutdown that disappears (I guess
> when kdm is stopped), 

Don't get this at all.

> then a brief black screen, then the usual text messages of services
> being stopped, 

Nor this.

> then another black screen with the blinking underline until the system
> finishes the shutdown.  

This is what I get from the point X stops.

> Sometimes that last step takes awhile (more than half a second), but I
> haven't investigated it.

I haven't timed it, but on a successful shutdown, this takes 30-90 seconds.

Sometimes when it seems to be taking 3 or more minutes, I just hard
reset or unplug the power.

I am going to try the Alt+F1 to get to tty1 where I am told the actual
boot process is occurring.  Supposedly the graphical stuff is occurring
on tty8.


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