New graphical startup and shutdown

Art Alexion art.alexion at
Wed Jan 25 14:10:44 GMT 2006

After updating to the latest breezy kernel and init, I have a graphical
Kubuntu startup.  While this has a nice Kubuntu logo and fancy sans
serif fonts, it remains useful with information on what init is doing in
the startup process, e.g. "Loading modules ... OK" and "Starting pppd
... OK", etc. Nice job.

But the shutdown is another story.  If anyone remember windows 31. where
you got character feedback on config.sys and autoexec.bat -- then a
black screen with a blinking underscore cursor before the GUI started --
that is what I get for shutdown.  No feedback or info like "Stopping
pppd ... OK", etc.  Just a blank screen with a blinking cursor.

So now, if shutdown is taking way too long, as it occasionally has
started to take, I have no idea what step it is choking on so that I can
fix it.

Is this the new normal for Kubuntu or a problem with my system?  If its
the new normal, is there a way to restore the old shutdown behavior?  If
it is my system, any ideas how I can fix it?


Art Alexion
Arthur S. Alexion LLC

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