help with DNS/BIND/DHCPd

Hroller McKnutt hroller at
Sat Jan 21 14:16:27 GMT 2006

 Help, my brain is melting! :)

 I'm trying to get my local network to do some tricks and I'm having no

 This all started with my router, I was looking at the LAN info and the
one Windows machine on the network identifies itself as "fingerloop",
while the linux boxes (both kubuntu 5.1, one upgraded from 5.04 and one
from ubuntu 5.04) show just the IP address. Is there some way to make
the linux boxes report a hostname or whatever to the router?

 I'm unhappy to say the router is a Microsoft MN-700 (I had a Linksys
but lightning killed it) that refuses to allow me the option of static
IP's (if it did that, I would know which IP was which machine). The two
Xbox's on the network also only show IP's but if I can just get the
Linux boxes to show a hostname I won't have to wade through 4 ip's to
figure out which is which. Right now I have a list of the MAC addresses
printed and taped to the printer so I can tell the difference.

 Thanks in advance for any help,
 Mike in Missouri

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