Kubuntu and ADSL?

Kelly L. Fulks kfulks at knology.net
Tue Jan 10 22:19:27 GMT 2006


I am sorry I can't be a lot of help because I don't use ADSL.  I have 
broadband on cable.  But I can tell you that PPTP is not what you want. 
  PPTP is the Point to Point Tunneling Protocol used for VPNs.  PPPoE is 
a different beast and is what you are looking for I believe.

I took a quick look at my system and there does appear to be a pppoe 
package and a pppoeconf package available in breezy.  You might start 
with those and see where you get.

If you get this working, please document it for the future.  We never 
know when we might run into something new to us that someone has already 
been through.

Patrick Trettenbrein wrote:
> I just tried to set up ADSL on my brother's Kubuntu box. I managed to connect 
> the system to the modem, but that's about it. :( I couldn't get ADSL work. I 
> installed pptp, but all I got was an error telling me that something's wrong 
> with a .c file... I've got no idea.

Kelly L. Fulks
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near Huntsville, AL

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