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Gustav H Meyer gustav at gcis.gov.za
Mon Feb 27 11:35:31 UTC 2006

Hi Gabriel,

On 27/02/06 11:36, Gabriel Dragffy wrote:
> Hi thanks for the reply, can I use this script locally not for ssh? To copy 
> from my /hom (an internal partition) to my USB Drive? /media/sdb1 (I think)?

In that case you don't have to write a script but just do the 
following on the CLI (commandline):

1. Mount the usb drive (if not mounted already)
   $ mount /media/sdb1

2. Mirror files to the usb drive
   $ rsync -av --delete /hom /media/sdb1

3. Unmount the usb drive
   $ umount /media/sdb1

PLEASE NOTE: This would synchronize the destination directory with 
the source directory and you will not be able to restore historical 
data. To get rsync to make proper backups do the following:

   $ DSTAMP=`date '+%Y%m%d'`;rsync -avb --delete --backup-dir 
/media/sdb1/backups/$DSTAMP /hom /media/sdb1/mirror

See also:
   $ man rsync
   $ rsync --help

Gustav H Meyer

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