Accessing mail remotely

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Sun Feb 19 11:50:42 UTC 2006

I currently use Thunderbird 1.5 as my mail client at home on my
Kubuntu 5.10 system. Often, I find that I need to access my mail at
the university. I am trying to decide what options I have available to

1) VNC. I'd like some opinions about this. Note that I _cannot_
install software on the machines at the universtiy, so I would be
stuck using the browser-based Java client that TightVNC provides.

2) SSH in and read my mail in Mutt (I do have access to Putty at the
university). However, much of my mail is in Hebrew and that may be a
problem in the terminal.

3) PHP and Apache. Any web browser would do.

For options 2 and 3 I would probably need to run a local IMAP server
and connect that way, so that both Thunderbird and my 'other solution'
could work. If anybody has any experience in the matter, I would
appreciate any advice. Thank you.

Dotan Cohen

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