Kaffeine problems - DVD and local avi

Andy Choens gunksta at gmail.com
Sun Feb 19 02:57:25 GMT 2006

> Thanks, Andy. The avi playback improved 100%. The DVD playback also
> improved, but it is not 100% smooth. About once a second a frame stays
> too long on the screen, which makes the movie very jerky. An
> improvment, but still not 100% enjoyable to watch. Is there anything
> else that I can do to improve performance?
> Thank you.
> Dotan
> http://technology-sleuth.com/technical_answer/what_is_a_firewall.html

This surprises me.  Since you said it works on Windows, I think the
problem is still in the DMA settings.  I would do a google search for
other people using Linux on this laptop.  See if they have had this
issue and what solutions they may have come up with.

You could also look at hdparm's man page and see if there are some
more tweaks to use.  See if it's using 32bit I/O etc.  I'm sure that's
where the problem is, but I'm not too sure about any further
specifics.  Have you tried the on-line Ubuntu forums?  I've gotten
help there several times.

Sorry my reply took so long.  I've been away from the computer.

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