More Installing from a SCSI CD-ROM

Harry Vorstenbosch harry.vorstenbosch at
Wed Feb 15 12:21:37 UTC 2006

Via de Debian Website you can download (at least)
two bootable diskettes (boot and root disks) which disks can lead you
through the install procedure from CD-rom or even Network install. 

If you have or can get access to a network station via FTP or via a NFS-
or SMB shared CD or filesystem you can make use of that install
(Debian is also installable directly via Internet)

But of course you have to make sure you also have to make sure that SCSI
is supported by (K)Ubuntu.

Greetings Harry,

On Tue, 2006-02-14 at 16:32 -0600, Jay Ridgley wrote:
> Harry,
> cc: the list
> The CD I am using is one that was shipped to me from the distribution center, I 
> did not create it and I am not sure I am able to create a CD using my system.
> I have tried two different copies from the 10 that were sent. Same results...
> I have never created a CD with this system.
> Cheers,
> Jay
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> Jay Ridgley
> jridgley2 at
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