A Series of Unfortunate Problems (Xgl, 3.4->3.5 upgrade)

lordSauron lordsauronthegreat at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 05:23:07 UTC 2006

Hello, I've used Kubuntu for about 5 months now and have run into a
few problems.

The first is that I'd like to upgrade from my current version of KDE
to the next one.  I did some research and found some update servers to
add to my sources.list file, however, they're not secured, and they
don't have the restricted and universe package selections I frequently
use in my work.  If I just add the main section of these repositories
to my sources.list file while removing the main entries to the other
repositories for the older version of KDE, will that break any

Next, I'd like to try and give Xgl a spin.  I did some heavy research
on it, and found a post in the Ubuntu forum about someone who got it
installed but couldn't activate it - they needed to load another
window manager like XFCE4 or something then input the command...
however, I don't get how I'm supposed to install it!  I'm rather
challenged when it comes to terminal commands, but not at all
unwilling to learn so if you need to give me any instructions
involving Konsole (in my case YaKuake) just try and tell me presicely
what things are doing.  It helps me recover if I make a mistake.

Next and lastly, this is a very basic thing that I honestly don't know
how to do - don't laugh.

Instead of restoring the last session, which reincarnates old windows
I don't care about any more - I'd like to just start a new session
every time I log in.  However, I'd LOVE for Katapult and YaKuake to
start automatically.  However, unless they were open in a previous
session that was saved and marked to be restored on login, they won't.
 I don't know where to begin to register a application to run on
startup, but if you can help that'd be awesome.

Thanks for any help - I really appreciate it and have a good night!

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