Wastebin wobblyness ?

dave s kubuntu at pusspaws.net
Sat Feb 11 09:52:22 UTC 2006

Hi all,

My Breezy kubuntu desktop is wonderfull apart from the wastebin. I run my PC 
247 and usually after a few days of running the waste bin plays up.

If I try to drag items to the waste bin I get a progress dialogue and the 
dialogue freezes. I eventually kill the dialogue and the item I tried to drag 
is still there, not deleted. If I right click 'move to wastebin' same thing 

In addition if I hover the mouse over the wastebin it says it has say 62 items 
in it, if I right click, 'open in new window' I get trash:/ no items or 

Logging out and back in KDE does not solve the problem, I have to re boot my 
PC to get the waste bin to work OK. I have googled on this but found zip. 

Any ideas anyone ?


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