KDE screensaver logs?

Gustav H Meyer gustav at gcis.gov.za
Mon Feb 6 14:05:14 UTC 2006


I've seen some kde gurus on this list and hope that someone will be 
able to help with a simple question. :)

Does KDE have a logfile which I can look at for determining when the 
screensaver was activated or deactivated? If not, any ideas on how I 
could go about injecting a script or something that will allow me to 
do this?

My problem. It happens every so often that I walk into the office in 
the morning and forget to make a note of the time. Then later when I 
do think about it I have to backtrack in order to find the correct 
time for timesheet purposes. I hate wasting my time on this issue 
and thought that screensaver logs would be a good place to start. 
Any other ideas?


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