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Wed Feb 1 16:06:06 UTC 2006

On 2/1/06, Javier Monteagudo <javiermon at> wrote:
> - The default drag & drop behaiviour. I would like to do things
> faster, and everytime I drag a file to a folder kde asks what to do,
> move the file, copy the file, or link it. Normally the default action
> I allways perform is moving. This is particularly irritating in
> kontact mail, since I really don't want to copy a email to another
> folder.

I don't know of a way to change this behavior.

But as another poster noted, you can learn to hold down the Shift key when
you want to Move the dragged file.

- How can I enable desktop icons? (the trash, the computer place and
> so on. It's not for me, for a friend, I really like the default
> uncluttered desktop, but my friend is very used to have them there.

As for desktop icons, you can either run kcontrol and pick the desktop
section, or right click on the desktop and pick configure desktop.  Under
Behavior, you will find both File icons and Device icons that can be turned
on or off.

If the Trashcan is not displayed, right click on the Desktop, select Create
New -> Link to Location.  Type in "trash:/" for the URL and save.  There
does not appear to be a GUI way to do this in Kubuntu.

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