Solving media:/ not showing media

Donatas G. dgvirtual at
Wed Feb 1 14:38:05 GMT 2006

Steven Hellingh wrote:
> I've read many comments about media:/ problems. One of them is that they 
> aren't showing all partitions or removable media etc. This can be solved by
> "sudo adduser hal disk". Don't know if this solves more problems but try it 
> out.

may well work. I did it a different way, described in this thread, and
it worked:

I will quote it:


Re: media:/ nothing there, except cd

I found a temporary (I guess) solution.
I uncommented the last line of /etc/default/hal

This is the result:


# This will run the hal daemon as normal user 'hal' with some additional
# privileges; This will not execute callout scripts as root (so fstab-sync
# won't work) and makes hal unable to do filesystem type autodetection for
# non-removable devices.

# This will run the hal daemon as user root



Donatas Glodenis

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