some KDE questions

Javier Monteagudo javiermon at
Wed Feb 1 07:53:31 GMT 2006


I'm using kde 3.5.1 (dapper). Can someone tell me how can I customize:
- The positioning of the kde notifications. The notifications allways
appear in front of kicker & I would like them to show on top of it, so
it won't hide the taskbar/tray icon.
- The default drag & drop behaiviour. I would like to do things
faster, and everytime I drag a file to a folder kde asks what to do,
move the file, copy the file, or link it. Normally the default action
I allways perform is moving. This is particularly irritating in
kontact mail, since I really don't want to copy a email to another
- How can I enable desktop icons? (the trash, the computer place and
so on. It's not for me, for a friend, I really like the default
uncluttered desktop, but my friend is very used to have them there.


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