DNS Serving form desktop

Peter Gort pgort at mac.com
Sat Dec 30 20:29:57 UTC 2006

Hi All,

I've set up and old iMac 600 with Kubuntu 6.10, and after turning off  
text anti-aliasing, it seems quite reasonable.

I've got two goals in mind for this box, I need a DNS server in my  
little home-office network, and a spare computer for 8 year old.   
Accordingly I chose the desktop over the server install of Kubuntu.

So now:  what recommendations are there for running a DNS server on  
my box, bearing in mind that it I want it to start with the system  
and not be affected by junior logging in and out.  Also, if there  
exists a gui app for configuring it? (I've got a BIND config file on  
my Mac OS X Server if I need to grab it for a template, I just need  
DNS running on a separate box from the OSX Server).


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