OT: way to make windows less obnoxious?

Preston Smith prbasmith at gmail.com
Tue Dec 26 20:27:35 UTC 2006

Hi Michael!

It is very on -topic and I hope that the replies are posted on this 
list.  If you receive private replies I would appreciate if you would 
send them to me

I am facing the same dilemma wrt dual booting on a laptop as you do

Thanks and hope you had a Merry Christmas


D. Michael McIntyre said the following on 26/12/2006 3:40 PM:

> I know all of this is totally off-topic, so please reply off-list.  I'm coming 
> here because I'm already here.  I sure as hell don't want to go find some 
> Windows-oriented mailing list and ask for help trying to manage using the 
> putrid reeking mass of rotten gopher intestines as though it were a real 
> desktop environment running on a real OS.  They'd just start yelling at me, 
> and telling me how stupid I am for not loving the Teletubby interface, or the 
> broken taskbar, or the single why the hell doesn't Windows have more than one 
> desktop.
> Thanks.
> And ON topic...  How do I deal with the wireless on this thing and all the 
> battery management stuff if and when I do put Kubuntu on here?  It's a crappy 
> laptop from Wal-Mart.  Everex.  VIA C7 1.5 GHz, 512 MB.  I figure it's going 
> to be hell when I try to boot Kubuntu on here, but I guess I will try it in 
> six hours, when this virus scan finally finishes.
> Virus scan.
> Barf.
> I'm expecting the wireless won't work without much pain.  That's my impression 
> from investigating the possibility of moving my all-Linux network wireless.
> So maybe I should get one of those external radio repeater dongles that hooks 
> to the machine with a good ol' cat-5 cable, and forget about trying to get 
> its 802.11/g thingie to work?
> I guess we'll boot it and find out.  I currently don't have wireless working 
> under Windows either, since I don't have a wireless broadcaster thingie.  But 
> I really don't want to have to keep dragging this thing around tied to a 
> wall, and want to get that working on at least one of the operating systems.
> Ramble ramble ramble, I could go STFW and try to do my own digging, but I've 
> answered a lot more than I've asked over the years, and I feel like being a 
> lazy bastard, and asking people to please give me some free answers.
> Happy new year.

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