Dapper to Edgy problems

Art Alexion art.alexion at verizon.net
Tue Dec 26 19:59:47 UTC 2006

On Tuesday 26 December 2006 13:02, Daniel Axtell wrote:
> After the update, the first time it booted it got stuck on the Kubuntu
> spash screen with no error message; subsequent boots do not show the GRUB
> menu at all after the POST.
>  I booted with the 6.06 CD-ROM and can mount the file system, everything
> seems to be there; I tried to change the GRUB menu.lst file to make the
> older kernel boot, but that didnt' help, since I'm not sure now to make
> that 'stick' (I'm more familiar with LILO).

I had a similar problem breezy -> dapper (hal still won't load), but I was 
able to get it to boot with the following steps.

Boot from the Live CD.
Mount your "/" file system on, e.g. /hard_drive
chroot /hard_drive
mount -a
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install linux-image

See if it boots.  Worked for me.  For some reason dist-upgrade did not update 
a lot of packages and deleted a lot of packages that had dapper versions.  
Among those not updated were the kernel and that prevented the boot.

After many cycles of apt-get upgrade / dist-upgrade / -f install, I finally 
got a working system.  I reinstalled other packages as I determined they were 

I upgraded warty -> hoary and hoary -> breezy without problems.  This 
breezy -> dapper upgrade was a disaster.  Sometimes it just works that way.  
Shouldn't, but it does.

>  As I see it, my options are
>  1) try to fix the 6.10 install

Try the above.

>  2) delete /boot, /usr, etc. and try and install 6.10 from a CD without
> formatting the drive so I don't lose my home directory (there's a ton of
> mp3s and such so I don't really want to back it up unless I have to) 

I don't think the install scripts will allow you to do this.

I have "/" /home /usr/local and /opt all on the same partition.  My plan is to 
copy them to DVD, do a fresh install, and then copy them back from the DVD.

Doing the same with /etc is probably a good idea, too.

> 3) 
> just get a new drive and start over, use the exiting drive as a backup.

If you don't have a DVD-R

>  How difficult is option 1?  I'm burning a 6.10 CD-ROM, I'm just not sure
> how to proceed when something is this screwed up.  Is it possible to just
> do a reinstall over the exsiting software without reformatting?  I suspect
> that's likely to keep the same problem.


Art Alexion

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