Dapper to Edgy problems

bryann brymelvin at melvinart.com
Tue Dec 26 19:27:25 UTC 2006

On Tue, 2006-12-26 at 10:02 -0800, Daniel Axtell wrote:
>         Is it a grub error? What messages do you get, when the system
>         doesn't 
>         boot? Your partitions on harddisk, etc.
>         Have you tried booting in failsafe-mode?
> The hardware is pretty generic 64-bit system: dual-core pentium,
> nvidia card, and everything worked OK on 6.06 with the latest updates.
> I had one big linux partition on the primary hard drive, windows on a
> secondary drive.
> After the update, the first time it booted it got stuck on the Kubuntu
> spash screen with no error message; subsequent boots do not show the
> GRUB menu at all after the POST.
> I booted with the 6.06 CD-ROM and can mount the file system,
> everything seems to be there; I tried to change the GRUB menu.lst file
> to make the older kernel boot, but that didnt' help, since I'm not
> sure now to make that 'stick' (I'm more familiar with LILO).
> As I see it, my options are
> 1) try to fix the 6.10 install
> 2) delete /boot, /usr, etc. and try and install 6.10 from a CD without
> formatting the drive so I don't lose my home directory (there's a ton
> of mp3s and such so I don't really want to back it up unless I have
> to)
> 3) just get a new drive and start over, use the exiting drive as a
> backup.
> How difficult is option 1?  I'm burning a 6.10 CD-ROM, I'm just not
> sure how to proceed when something is this screwed up.  Is it possible
> to just do a reinstall over the exsiting software without
> reformatting?  I suspect that's likely to keep the same problem.
> Thanks for any help.
If you do install without formatting....make sure you delete all the
hidden directories in ~home removing all but your data files. Can't say
much about edgy. As a business user we only use dapper. IIRC the whole
boot process is changed for edgy to decrease boot times,there will be a
lot of incorrect settings in those hidden files possibly and probably if
you end up backing off to dapper.

An alternative would be to move all your data to the windows partition
temporarily and redo the entire install on the other hard drive. If you
use your computer for work not play I would say stick with dapper until
a new stable release is available.


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